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Lisa Lina Beabody the Hedgehog by DmanB Lisa Lina Beabody the Hedgehog by DmanB
Lisa Lina Beabody ‘the’ Hedgehog

A Very Deep Special Thanks to :icongen8hedgehog:
For Creating the Furry Dollmaker Flashes, because of my poor drawing talents!

"Tucuya…isn‘t that our (Insert any noun here)."
"Ha ha ha Freeze!!"

This is Lisa Beabody Hedgehog. My Seventh OC from the Sonic Universe and one of the Main Characters from my First Sonic Fanfic: There Goes the Hood.

Bio -
Fur Color- Dark Red
Eye color - Brown
3 Feet 6 Inches (Mobian Form)
5 Feet 7 Inches (Anthro Form)
Age : 18
Theme music - Zero Gravity Area: Starman's Stage (Megaman Battle Network Transmission)

Alignment: Neutral Good (She's not Good-Good but isn't evil)

Trademark Wear - (Not what she is wearing in the picture.)
Yellow t-shirt
Blue Hoodie with short sleeves.
Black short skirt
Red Sneakers

History -
Sherman’s Younger sister. She’s a nice girl and love to just be cool! Though she does have those mean perks about herself but otherwise she generally good, just don't cross her or get in her way when she's after something or making a point. She also has an obsession with the future. She always reads her horoscope and pays a lot of money to physics.

But before all of that she as well as her brother were born into the Beabody family. She at a very young age gained Fighting skills and the abilities to use Chi-like Ice energy which are Dangerous with a capital D.

Her parents when they decided to see the world, gave her 2 personal servants that are part of the interlines department of the Beabody family. Their codenames are Hayate and Kosami. But she also had another obsession… Tucuya.

When she heard about finding an Orange Hedgehog who could Fight and use Fire energy attacks then he would be her soul mate in a horoscope, she noticed an Orange Hedgehog always fighting with her brother so now she want to test his fighting abilities but if she can’t defeat him but makes love to him then they will become soul mates.

Personality -
Nice and cool overall, when she gets mad she gets MAD, Obsessive, Control Freak, Loves Tucuya like Amy likes Sonic, “Takes the bull by the horns.”

Likes -
TUCUYA!! Ice, Snow, Winter, Challenges, Video games (Megaman games in particular), Fighting, Showing off, Showing up her brother.

Dislikes -
Not getting her way big time! Game Over, Rainy days, Being interrupted (especially by Sherman) People getting in her way.

Lisa’s special Abilities - Each character has Abilities that are in Levels like RPGs or just a special ability only. 1 being the lowest and 3 is the highest. And no these can’t be upgraded unless something happens to that character (Tails Inventions, Emeralds, ect)

Super Strength (Lv. 1) - Can lift up to 250 lbs.

Super Agility (Lv. 2) - Able to Wall Run in any direction, can Wall Jump (Triangle Jump) up walls. Can jump up to about 20 feet in the air.

Ice Element Energy User - Using the ability to throw or surround herself (Aura) with Ice energies.

King of Fighter Abilities - Can use a few KOF Special and Super Combo moves from a few characters.

Fighting Style - Mixed Martial arts

Fire Resistance (Lv. 2) – Will take a total 25% damage from Fire or Flame energy attacks.

Ice Resistance (Lv. 3) – Will take a total of 5% damage from Ice or Snow energy attacks.

Able to form platforms and shields with her Ice abilities.

Lisa will take an additional 10% damage from Wind attacks

Lisa will take an additional 20% damage from Electrical attacks

Lisa will take an additional 30% damage from Earth/Rock elemental attacks.

Lisa can’t use any Emerald powers. She can’t use the Chaos Death Combo.

Lisa's Special Moves - (Special Moves are divided into categories. (V) Velocity Special - this is a Super Combo move like Street Fighter Alpha‘s Lv. 1 Special Combo. (UV) Ultimate Velocity Special - Same as the Velocity Special except its upgraded to Lv. 2 Special Combo. (Please note there are other special attacks but these are the characters favorite moves to use.)

Special Attack Calls: Star, Ice, Freeze, Frozen (Ex: Ice Shot Star Stream)

Star Stream – A multi hit null energy blast projectile, motioned in a like a Mega Smash (John Crawley from Art of Fighting) after the hits will send the enemy flying backwards. (3-4 hits)

Star Kick - She gives 3 kicks (Low, Middle, and High kicks) then gives a swinging kick with her heel to the jaw that launches the enemy upwards.

Ice Shot - Like Eriko’s Ice Shot attack (Ki/Chi shot), on contact will freeze the enemy (No damage)

Ice Stream – A multi hit Ice energy blast projectile, motioned in a like a Mega Smash (John Crawley from Art of Fighting) that freezes the enemy. (3-4 hits) (Note: Has a slow start up)

Ice Belt - She punches the ground which releases a freezing effect that covers the whole ground in a 20 foot radius in ice and can also freeze her enemy in it.

Ice Beam (V) - A larger version of the Ice Stream, motioned in a like a Mega Smash (John Crawley from Art of Fighting) that incases the enemy in a huge ice block and can’t escape from it until its broken. (10 – 12 hits) Once broken, the enemy will take an extra 10% damage from any attack. (Effect lasts for 20 seconds.)

Star Beam (UV) A larger version of the Star Stream, motioned in a like a Mega Smash (John Crawley from Art of Fighting) deals over a 20 hit combo.

Ice Needle Vulcan (Also called Ice Storm) (UV) - Similar to Tucuya’s Rapid Raining Kunais she throw out her hand and small icicles fly toward the enemy out of nowhere. (20 – 30 hits)

The Icy Frozen Beauty… Lisa Lina Beabody the Hedgehog
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